Age Rules: An Open Wounds and Breaking the Rules Crossover

I was still too old for him, and he was still too far in the closet for me, but damn, if I didn’t crave him like a drug. 
After spending twenty years serving in the US Navy while Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was in effect, Darren Davis is unapologetically out and proud. He knows exactly what he wants in a relationship, and up and coming MMA star Andre Harrison isn’t it. He’s too young, his time in Austin is too fleeting, and he’s definitely way too far in the closet. All Darren has to do is convince his traitorous heart that Andre isn’t the man for him. 

It’s true what they say, one phone call really can change your life. Rushing home to Austin when his former hockey star father has a heart attack puts Andre Harrison on a path he hadn’t allowed himself to imagine. Between trying to mend his father’s health, keeping his MMA training on schedule, and hiding his growing attraction for hospital President Darren Davis, he finds himself succeeding on all counts except one. Try as he might, he can’t deny the connection he feels with the sexy silver fox, and wonders if something real could grow between them if they’d only break their own rules and give their feelings a fighting chance.

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Family Rules: A Breaking the Rules Novel

I’ve done the picket fence thing. And I’m about as interesting as any other accountant. Which is fine. I mean, I’ve got my daughter to think about. Stability and all that. But now that I’m finally out of the closet and single… I want some spice. Something or someone who’s just for me. One-night stands aren’t really my thing—not when I have Emma to think about.

But when a night with friends throws me in the path of a gorgeous but determined flirt and eternal bachelor, I have to make a hard decision. I feel instantly drawn to him with feelings more primal and genuine than I’ve ever felt before. This guy isn’t looking for permanent, though, and even the idea of kids makes him look ready to bolt. Too bad I can’t seem to keep my hands off the man.

I have three rules for dating: no co-workers, no repeats, and absolutely no kids involved. And, quite frankly, I’ve never even felt tempted to break them. Until Mark. The adorable, geeky accountant makes my pulse race despite my better judgment.

But the guy is a father. And I know from past experience, that’s a hard pass for me. So I vow to keep Mark safely in the friend zone… which turns into the friends with benefits zone… which very quickly decides to veer sharply into the zone I swore I’d never consider.

The forever zone.


Work Rules: A Breaking the Rules Novel

“Who or what you did before doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care how many or how often or in what way. What matters to me is what you are now. And do you know what that is? Mine, do you hear me? You are mine.” ~ Alex


If you had to wear a warning sign what would it say? We’ve all seen that question make the rounds on the internet. That’s easy, if I had to wear a warning sign it would say Not Enough.That’s what my parents taught me when they tossed me out at fifteen when I came out as gay. That’s what my long-term boyfriend taught me when he cheated on me and made it clear he never saw me as forever material. So yeah, maybe I sleep around a bit. But sex is easy. There is no risk involved in a one night stand, and I have to say that worked just fine for me. Until Alex.


I know one thing, even though I’ve never been in a relationship with a man before, I want Nathan… and not just for a night. I thought getting him to break his rule about not dating co-workers would be my biggest problem. But convincing the beautiful man he’s worthy of a forever-relationship is proving to be the greatest challenge of all. But I’m willing to try because I won’t settle for anything less than everything with Nathan, and I know he’s worth it.


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Marriage Rules: A Breaking the Rules Novel

After one incriminating photo outs him to his parents, Stevie loses everything: his family, his home, and his shot at finishing his degree. He’s at a loss what to do until the guy he’s been crushing on makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Coming off a jilted engagement, Casey is done with relationships, swearing off marriage forever. But when he discovers sweet, sexy Stevie in financial trouble, Casey can’t help but step up and offer to marry him so he can qualify for financial aid and fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.

They’re determined to keep this marriage a temporary arrangement by setting firm rules and sticking to them. The most import rule of all? Absolutely no falling in love. But the longer these two are together, the closer they get to crossing the line.

Once emotions get involved, who will break the marriage rules first?


Cowboy Rules: A Breaking the Rules Novel

You’re right until now I haven’t dated. Ever. But for you, Lincoln Reynolds, I will. So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?”

Lincoln Reynolds grew up cowboy. And that meant when you got thrown off a horse, you cowboy up and shake it off. You don’t show fear, you don’t let it shake you, and you never let them see you cry. 

Matt has stood by and watched as each of his friends has found love, and he’s truly happy for them. It isn’t that he doesn’t believe in love, he just knows it isn’t for him. And he had been fine with that until the night that strong cowboy fell apart in his arms. Now he wants nothing more than to be the one person Lincoln can lean on.

But for these two men to be together, Lincoln will have to realize it takes a strong man to admit when he is weak, and Matt will have to realize that everyone deserves a happy ever after.



Elemental Magick

For most of Aaron’s life, things have been uninteresting, boring, safe–just the way he likes them. He makes his decisions based on logic and reason and he doesn’t believe in paranormal mumbo jumbo like crystals and tarot cards and witches. When he sees an ad for an estate sale at the old house on the edge of town, he doesn’t see any harm in going and buying some things like an old book with odd symbols on the front for his antique shop. Who cares if the old woman who owned the house was rumored to be a witch; everyone knows witches aren’t real. 

After accidentally raising a demon by goofing around with a spell from the book, Aaron realizes that there are things in this world that logic and reason can’t explain. Witches are indeed real, and he just might be one.

Malakai has been searching for the Coughlan Grimoire for years, knowing there are spells in the book that can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Securing the book so his coven can protect it is of the utmost importance. He isn’t prepared for the adorable rookie witch with the curly red hair and incredible latent power. But to his surprise, keeping Aaron safe and close by his side quickly becomes more important than the Grimoire. More important than anything. 

Before Malakai and Aaron can be together they will have to battle vampires, wolf shifters, and one very powerful warlock. Malakai can’t do it alone; it will take friends, family, and for Aaron to figure out just how powerful he is if the two of them are going to protect the book and make their new found bond last forever. 


Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Valentine’s Inc. Book 1)

“When he kisses me, I feel like I’m home. Like I’ve found something I’ve been looking for my entire life.”

When a huge investor says his company is interested in funding Clay’s latest project he’s thrilled. At least he is until he realizes the investor not only believes Clay is gay but wants him to bring his boyfriend along on a Valentine’s Day ski weekend to pitch the project to the rest of the board. 

When Trevor’s best friend Cassie tells him she can’t find anyone to go on a ski weekend with Valentine’s Inc.‘s newest client he agrees to go. After all, he owes Cassie big time and her job as the matchmaking services branch manager means a lot to her. Plus, it won’t hurt him to pretend to be a straight guys boyfriend for a weekend if it gets him a free ski trip, right? 

Trevor is the perfect boyfriend, and it isn’t long before the lines between pretend and real blur causing Clay to wonder if maybe he isn’t quite as straight as he always assumed he was. Neither man is sure what is real and what’s for show, but one thing Trevor knows is that when Clay kisses him it doesn’t feel pretend at all; when he kisses him it feels like he means it.

Chasing Fate: Copper Creel Shifters Book 1

It’s time to put away silly ideas about whether or not you should be an Alpha and accept that it was never up to you in the first place.  You can’t protect what’s yours unless you claim it and take your rightful place.

Chase Coleman is content with the life he’s made for himself as Sheriff of a sleepy little West Texas town. He might have walked away from his role as the Alpha apparent of his home pride but he didn’t regret making the choice to live as an out gay man.

Paxton Summers could see that Chase was the Alpha of the town’s shifters whether he wanted to accept the title or not. Once he realizes that he and the sexy sheriff are fated mates, it becomes his mission to make Chase see he never had to choose between his destiny and being true to himself—because Copper Creek was exactly where he was meant to be. 

Chase just needs to see that he hadn’t left his future behind at all, instead all along he’d been Chasing Fate.


Test Rules: A Breaking the Rules Short Story

When Jayden’s friend and roommate Brian finds himself in need of a pretend boyfriend to save face, he sees the perfect opportunity to move out of the friend zone. All he has to do is convince Brian that their test run has the potential to be the real thing.

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