30+ Free Short Stories

The MM Back-to-School Short Story Giveaway is live! Over 30 authors have gotten together to bring you free short stories that are available for one week only. I have included Love Rules. It is a short story from the Breaking the Rules universe. Get them while you can, this link is only good until September 4th!


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Love Rules

Carter worked hard for everything he had. He built his business from the ground up using common sense and logic. He believed in things that were tangible, not fanciful notions like love at first sight. At least that was the case until he walked into a new coffee shop one morning and came face to face with the man he knew was his future.

As an artist, Sean was creative to the bones, but even he knew fairy tales weren’t real, and rich businessmen didn’t fall in love with would be artist/baristas. But when Carter insists that Sean give them a chance, he gives in to the handsome man.

As they get to know each other, it becomes obvious they were meant to be. But can two intelligent men who don’t believe in fairy tales forget about the rules and find their happy ever after?

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45 and Holding- Cover Reveal





Cover Reveal

I am thrilled to share the cover for 45 and Holding, a book I am co-writing with Jill Wexler. 


Scott’s daughter, Claire, has gone off to college leaving him alone for the first time since his wife died when Claire was young and he decides to get a puppy to help alleviate the loneliness. 

Craig is a dog trainer who is questioning how he ended up 45 and single. 

Together they will figure out how to navigate mid-life changes. 

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Marriage Rules is Live!


After one incriminating photo outs him to his parents, Stevie loses everything: his family, his home, and his shot at finishing his degree. He’s at a loss what to do until the guy he’s been crushing on makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Coming off a jilted engagement, Casey is done with relationships, swearing off marriage forever. But when he discovers sweet, sexy Stevie in financial trouble, Casey can’t help but step up and offer to marry him so he can qualify for financial aid and fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.

They’re determined to keep this marriage a temporary arrangement by setting firm rules and sticking to them. The most import rule of all? Absolutely no falling in love. But the longer these two are together, the closer they get to crossing the line.

Once emotions get involved, who will break the marriage rules first?




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Happy National Book Lovers Day

Today is National Book Lovers Day and I thought it would be fun to talk a little about books I love.

  • My all-time favorite book is The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. I had been a reader all my life but that was the first book that made me want to write one. 
  • Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz is the first romance novel I read. Until I read that book I was a horrible literary snob who believed I was too good for “those romance novels”. But I read that book, and I was hooked. That was when I knew I didn’t just want to write a book I wanted to write a HEA type romance novel. 
  • Lora Leigh’s Breed series is next. That series opened my world up to include shifter books, and I fell in love. That is when I knew that I didn’t just want to write a HEA romance but I wanted to write a paranormal romance novel. 
  • And finally Crossroads by Riley Hart. It wasn’t my first MM Romance but yeah you guessed it. It was the book made me realize I didn’t just want to write a paranormal romance novel, but I wanted to write a MM paranormal romance novel. And no Crossroads isn’t paranormal. I loved that book so much I started with just contemporary MM romance, but trust me paranormal is coming. 

Tell me… what books do you love? 

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Where do I write?

One thing people always want to know is where I write. Truth is, I am a bit of a homebody. There is a local coffee shop I go to sometimes but most often I write in my living room. I build myself a nest and put everything I need within reach because once I get started writing I don’t like to stop to get coffee or water or a snack or any other such thing.

I both write in a notebook and on a computer so I always have both available and I usually swap back and forth. I like that spot in that corner because I can’t see the Television and I can open the curtains if I want and let in plenty of light. Normally my nest also includes at least one or maybe even two cats but they would not cooperate so I could get a picture with them in it.


There is a little calico named Stevie who likes to sleep up on the back of the couch in the window and a huge yellow cat named Tonka (who is my baby btw) who lies on the raised foot of the couch on my feet if possible. I wish I could show you but if you have cats; you know cats rarely do what you want them to do. So maybe I can share their pictures another time when they are aren’t being quite so catty. 

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