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After one incriminating photo outs him to his parents, Stevie loses everything: his family, his home, and his shot at finishing his degree. He’s at a loss what to do until the guy he’s been crushing on makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Coming off a jilted engagement, Casey is done with relationships, swearing off marriage forever. But when he discovers sweet, sexy Stevie in financial trouble, Casey can’t help but step up and offer to marry him so he can qualify for financial aid and fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.

They’re determined to keep this marriage a temporary arrangement by setting firm rules and sticking to them. The most import rule of all? Absolutely no falling in love. But the longer these two are together, the closer they get to crossing the line.

Once emotions get involved, who will break the marriage rules first?


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  1. Hi! I just recently discovered your books:)…I have purchased this one ‘Marriage Rules’ and the previous one ‘Work Rules’ and can’t wait to read them. I would love to start at the beginning with ‘Family Rules’ and in your newsletter there was a link for it at the sale price, however it is still showing full price. I will probably get it regardless, but would love to take advantage of the sale…any chance it might still go on sale? Thank you…I can’t wait to start reading!

    1. The sale was on only and was for one week only. I wish Amazon would let us do the sale for all markets but for right now they won’t.

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