Marriage Rules- Cover Reveal





I am so excited to share Marriage Rules with you guys. It should be out mid-August. I don’t have a blub to share with you yet but here is a little about the book. 

The main characters are Casey and Stevie. If you have read the first two books you have met them both. Casey has the most dating rules of any of the guys and his main one is to never date guys who want to get married. He has no intention of ever going there.

Along comes Stevie. He is an all-around sweetie. He is a yoga instructor who is going to school to be a school teacher until his family cuts him off and he has no way to pay for his school.

Casey steps in and suggests a marriage of convenience to help Stevie pay for school. It shouldn’t matter one way or another since its just a piece of paper and he never plans to get married for real.

But love has other plans for our guys and their marriage of convenience gets awfully inconvenient for Casey if he wants to follow his rules.

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