Meet the Pets of Breaking the Rules

I am an animal person so it is probably no surprise that each of my books features a pet of some kind.  

In the first two have cats as pets. 

Snowball is a white cat that Emma loves in Family Rules. Snowball didn’t play a very big part in the book but I assure you she mattered to Emma.

Sassy was a special cat that came from the Cat Cafe in Work Rules. Alex got Sassy for Nathan as  gift and she quickly becomes an important part of Nathan’s life.

Henry is a French Bull dog who is in the third book Marriage Rules. He is adorable and playful and is a perfect fit for  Casey and Stevie. I can’t wait for you to meet him. 

I am not sure what the story will be in book four but you can bet that a pet will be a part of it. 

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