We’re in this together Stevie Cat.

Stevie Cat


My cat is a big orange Tom cat named Tonka. He has been my writing partner from the beginning. He knows the rules. When I am writing he can lie beside me, on my legs, or on the foot of the recliner if I have it up. Anything else will get him pushed out of my space.

My daughter’s cat Stevie — and yes that is where Stevie from my books got his name — is a sweet little calico who does NOT know the rules. However, since my daughter graduated this year, things have changed a little. She took a 3-week road trip  I know fun right? — and now she is working as many hours as possible trying to save up some cash for her first semester of college. She also has a new boyfriend so that is taking up her time. So poor little Stevie is feeling neglected and kinda needy. As you can see she has decided my lap — while I am writing — is her new place, and I don’t have the heart to make her move. I keep trying to position her in a way that doesn’t cause me problems, but she isn’t cooperating at all.

When I stop petting her she gets under my hand and pushed until I resume the kitty scritches that make her happy. I am not sure what will happen in August when the girl child actually leaves for college. It’s a shame they won’t let her bring her cat — and yes that thought’s what prompted Scott’s daughter taking her cat to college in my WIP 45 and Holding — but they won’t so poor Stevie is stuck in the boat I am, wondering what on earth I will do when baby girl leaves.

She wants to know who will let her tuck her head under their chin or under their arm, because for some reason that cat loves to hide her head, and I am wondering who’s going to go to Marvel movies with me. She is wondering who will provide a lap to sit in and I am wondering who will go sit in coffee shops with me and laugh at the crazy people who come in in their Pajamas.

At some point, I will have to make her move or I am not going to get anything done. But in the meantime, I will let her sit on my lap, give her scritches, and we will be sad together.

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  1. I’m about a big cat person, but this cat is precious!!!!

    1. She is a sweetie.

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