Where do I write?

One thing people always want to know is where I write. Truth is, I am a bit of a homebody. There is a local coffee shop I go to sometimes but most often I write in my living room. I build myself a nest and put everything I need within reach because once I get started writing I don’t like to stop to get coffee or water or a snack or any other such thing.

I both write in a notebook and on a computer so I always have both available and I usually swap back and forth. I like that spot in that corner because I can’t see the Television and I can open the curtains if I want and let in plenty of light. Normally my nest also includes at least one or maybe even two cats but they would not cooperate so I could get a picture with them in it.


There is a little calico named Stevie who likes to sleep up on the back of the couch in the window and a huge yellow cat named Tonka (who is my baby btw) who lies on the raised foot of the couch on my feet if possible. I wish I could show you but if you have cats; you know cats rarely do what you want them to do. So maybe I can share their pictures another time when they are aren’t being quite so catty. 

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